There is a saying that “everyone has a book in them”. This is probably also true of an invention idea. Of course, most people with invention ideas never take action. Once you do take action you will start moving down the invention process path to becoming a new inventor. There are patenting agencies like InventHelp which could help you out.

The 7 most common mistakes that a new inventor makes are:

1. Telling everyone about your invention idea.
2. Not understanding the invention process.
3. Not researching how to sell an invention in the target market.
4. Not understanding invention patenting.
5. Thinking their invention is worth millions.
6. Raising money from the wrong sources.
7. Not understanding where to go for new invention help.

Making these 7 mistakes can kill your invention idea long before you will ever see a profit from your thoughts and hard work.

The first mistake is telling everyone about your invention idea. This is the kiss of death. All of the great, and not so great, successful inventors tell very few people about their invention ideas as explained by Invent Help – patenting agency.

One reason not to share your invention idea with too many people is that they may think that you are crazy. There are fewer visionaries and constructive dreamers in this world than you may think. It will be easy for people to tell you why your invention idea won’t work. Another reason not to share your invention idea is that someone who is knowledgeable and action oriented may steal it.