The foundation of a house is the concrete structure that is poured before the construction of the actual frame. The contractor digs a hole that is the precise size in length and width of the planned house. He then pours concrete into the hole and sometimes reinforces it with steel. This concrete foundation supports the wooden or steel frame that provides structure for the walls, floors, ceilings and roof of the house.

After several years or even several months, the foundation can settle. This means that changing stresses imparted to the foundation from the ground result in the foundation slightly rearranging itself, in order to cope with the application of ground forces. This usually creates cracks in the concrete, which can create serious problems for the house. This is especially true if the cracks grow so large that parts of the foundation start caving in.

Cracks in the foundation as a result of settlement are rarely if ever due to the design of the house itself. There are four common reasons for foundation settlement, weak soils, maturing vegetation, increased soil moisture, and poor compaction. Sometimes, the soil supporting the foundation is simply too weak and the soil itself can fail and start to collapse. Once that happens, the foundation loses most of its supporting structure, and consequently it starts to settle into a new position and it is time to call a Foundation Repair Company In Dallas TX.

Trees and other vegetation that are reaching their maturity can spread roots into the foundation and break it apart. Slowly but surely, this will lead to cracks in the concrete. If the moisture in the soil increases, the water content can eat away at the concrete as well. Finally, if the soil fails to compact properly, the pressure increase on the foundation will eventually break it altogether.