The actual term that is considered as ‘new’ will mean that the discovery that you invented or the info about the actual invention shouldn’t have been made obtainable to the general public throughout the world. It is also subsequently of crucial importance that the patent application should be filed ahead of any of the inventions is delivered or shown to the public or members thereof.

It is neither necessary nor advisable to discuss the details of the invention, or to actually picture it to someone else that is not bound to you legally or to the invention by either nature or contract or the character of your affiliation with the person, but to rather just keep everything confidential.

If you disclose your invention or design to any professional advisor like a patent agency, such as InventHelp, or patent lawyer then this is not considered premature disclosure since the attorney will be bound to you by a lawful duty that is deriving from confidentiality. What you would tell this professional agent is actually privileged by the law and cannot be broken.

The temporary application’s filing in the initial stages will provide you with various advantages. This will include that it will be able to be filed rather soon since you will find that the temporary application’s specifications will be required to actually go ahead and be filed. The technical aspects and the prospects of the commercial will also then be even further shown before you will find that the application process can actually start or be completed.

There is a 12 month period which may be rather short for people to finish with the developing of their invention to a usable product. Thus, the actual value of the entire PCT application, as outlined above, will afford you about 30 months. What is more, it might be of more benefit to you if you don’t file for the permanent patent straight away. This is a novelty of your invention that will not adversely be affected in any way by the actual delay.

There is limited protection that is advised during the actual product’s testing and development phase which can be maintained in a lot of other ways. This is for example a confidentiality for or non admission agreement. However, prior to filing an application for a patent, you will need to go through this process. You can read the article about it on

Should you find that the temporary patent protection has expired before you were able to finish it, it is possible for you to refile the application. This will however put you at a distinct disadvantage since you have already lost your unique filing date which will be able to provide you with serious consequences. You should never take the actual decision very lightly and always make use of professional advice where necessary.