Patents are legal instruments that create property rights in technological advances. They protect investments in time, money and other resources by inventors, venture capitalists and corporations.

When you make a scientific discovery, you may be entitled to a patent. There are patents granted every day for a wide variety of nutritional supplements, novel compositions, and novel devices. Even an old composition may be patented as a method when utilized in a novel manner as you can read from

A patent gives an inventor or his or her assignee the right to file suit against another party who is using the invention. Once a patent issues, and sometimes even prior to issue, the patent holder or applicant can license his or her invention to others for royalties.

An application gives you the right to place a label “patent pending” on your product, and an issued patent allows you to label your product as such. This enhances the value of your discovery, and warns would-be infringers against copying.

However, there are several reasons why a patent may be barred, including even one sale of the product prior to one year before filing. For this reason, you should consult a patent attorney as soon as you feel that you might be entitled to a patent as explained in