Prenuptial Agreements

Parties may write contracts, called pre-nuptial agreements to change the way property and things are divided at the end of a marriage. These agreements should be carefully prepared by a lawyer to ensure they are binding when they need to be binding.

Can I Get Reimbursed for Attorney’s Fees I’ve Incurred?

In Vancouver family law or divorce cases, the judge can award attorney’s fees to a person who could not otherwise afford a lawyer. The judge can also award attorney’s fees, payable by the other party, if the other party is misusing or abusing the court process by unreasonably delaying the process or by concealing or lying about information relevant to the case.

How Long Will It Take?

Terminating marital status so the client can re-marry or end a marriage takes a minimum of six months from the date a petition is served, answered, or the other party submits to the power of the court. Separating or dividing property, awarding child and spousal support, moving out, and other courts orders can be done in a matter of days or weeks.

Why hire a lawyer?

Family divorce lawyer Vancouver can counsel you and see you through this most difficult period in your life. He or she can guide you to the end of the process in the most direct, least painful way, and protect your interests in your children, your future income, support, and all of your property, assets and debts. If you think a lawyer is expensive, try doing your own divorce. You would not consider having a surgical operation without a medical doctor.