People prefer to download the song and then listen to it offline. To listen to your favorite song or any new arrival first you have to download it and only after that you can listen to the song which is very irritating as you have to wait for it to download. But everyone doesn’t share the same thinking some of you might not prefer to Download lagu mp3 gratis which not only eats up the space in you storage device but also consumes a lot of your time.

Streaming Mp3 is much more convenient options for users today. In this modern era for fast internet and smartphones streaming music online has become a lot more easier you don’t have to worry to store your favorite songs on your PC or anywhere else just listen to Mp3 songs you like online and that too for free.

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There are so many Free Mp3 streaming websites available today that you cant even imagine and their numbers are increasing still. Its a good thing that you have a lot of choices to select from but internet is a huge place and you cannot help but to miss out some of the great websites.