Anime the acronym of animation is the Japanese animation style which is characterized by distinctive characters and hand-drawn or computer generated backgrounds that sets it apart both in visuals and content from other genres of animation. The characters are quite visually appealing with extremely large, doe-like eyes and spiky or long hair. Unlike traditional cartoons which are humorous or action based Anime storylines revolve round a variety of fictional or historical characters, complex and realistic events and settings. Anime also plays upon a medley of Asian myths, symbols and the ubiquitous martial arts.

The term Manga which is used regularly in tandem with anime is the book form of anime and many appreciated Animes have its genesis in Manga. Japanese อนิเมะ has today carved a niche for itself all over the world. Hardcore anime and manga fans popularly referred to as “Otaka” buy their favorite anime series which are available in English as well as Japanese with the subtitles in VHS or DVDs. Video games and Toys today also feature popular anime and manga characters.

Bleach is a manga and anime series conceptualized by Tite Kubo which has become a cult classic all over the world. Bleach has its genesis in a imaginary world where human souls are divided into different fictional factions ranging from appalling Hollows and valiant Soul Reapers. The protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki is inadvertently gifted powers of a Soul Reaper which he is initially reluctant. He is compelled to wage wars to protect his allies from nemesis. The series tells the adventures of Ichigo battling against evil in the Soul Society with his friends in tandem. Ichigo is not like the typical hero in the regular animes he is conceptualized as an ordinary person who will go that extra mile for his friends, . Since all the characters have shades of grey the series is very compelling and intriguing to watch.

Tite Kubo has focused a lot of his creative process mainly on character design. Bleach is redundant with characters whose outward appearances do not match their true nature, an element that make many characters mysterious. Bleach characters have been labeled from stereotypes to distinct with lots of accolades for the illustration and fight sequences. Conceived originally from Kubo’s desire to draw a personification of death or shinigami in a kimino, Bleach has various allusions to Japanese, German and Spanish literature, other manga series which inspired Kubo , music, architecture, and films.