Taking a great idea from inception to a granted patent can be a complex journey. It’s technically possible to navigate this process on your own, but hiring a patent professional such as a patent attorney or agencies like InventHelp can significantly simplify the route.

Let’s see, how can professional invention companies help? How to get started with patenting a new product idea?

Understanding patent laws and the application process can be daunting. A patent professional provides:

  • Legal Knowledge: Attorneys and agents have expert legal knowledge to navigate United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) procedures seamlessly.
  • Technical Expertise: Many patent professionals have a technical background, enabling them to comprehend your invention’s scientific principles.

Quality Patent Application

Patent professionals ensure your patent application is impeccably drafted, comprehensive, and adheres to legal requirements:

  • Clear Description: They guarantee your application accurately describes your invention.
  • Strong Claims: Professionals can frame robust claims, providing broader protection for your invention.

Effective Prior Art Search

With access to extensive resources, patent professionals conduct robust prior art searches:

  • Detailed Investigation: They meticulously search patent databases for relevant prior patents and patent applications.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: They can analyze the search results and advise on your invention’s patentability.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Time-Saving: Professionals undertake time-consuming tasks, such as researching, preparing, filing, and prosecuting the patent application, allowing you to concentrate on your invention’s development or marketing.

Cost-Effective: Although hiring a patent professional involves an initial cost, they could save you money long term by helping you avoid costly mistakes.

Representation Before the USPTO

A registered patent attorney or agent can legally represent you before the USPTO, advocating for your interests during the examination process and any potential appeals.

InventHelp’s Role

Inventors can get general support and guidance from InventHelp to determine whether or not their invention is strong enough to pursue. If so, InventHelp can provide them with a patent professional who will help to prepare and file the application for you. Once your application has been filed, InventHelp will continue to provide guidance until it’s approved by the USPTO or rejected because of an issue that arose.


Although hiring a patent attorney or agent does involve an investment, the benefits they provide can significantly enhance your patent journey. By offering legal advice, technical understanding, time-saving efforts, USPTO representation, and overall support, they increase your chances of earning a strong patent protection. For many inventors, engaging a patent professional, such as InventHelp, could be the difference between a successful patent journey and one fraught with challenges.