Plotter Repair dfse

An Amazing Innovation in Plotter Printers

Since the onset of large-format printing, the plotter printers have been in extensive use. Perhaps the most popular clients of these specialized printers are those that are involved in architecture and engineering. Everyday, huge images and computer-generated renderings are printed for building purposes. This is why the HP plotter printer is essentially needed to ensure the high image quality of the printed materials.

HP plotter printers are currently making waves in the market. In fact, several units make up the new line of plotters today. Each of them is ideal for a certain purpose, albeit they are all capable of producing prints within five minutes or less. Hewlett-Packard has long been specializing in quality printers, and it only seems natural that it becomes a household name in the area of computer printing devices.

Plotter Repair dfse

Graphic designs are better produced with HP plotter printers. Among the impressive plotter printers from the HP brand is the DesignJet 130 series. It is a six-color, multi-format printer that is great for a variety of printing purposes. From a single postcard-size image up to a banner, this printer is efficient in producing high-quality images that do not easily fade.

The DesignJet 130 plotter printer has an exclusive automatic CLC or Closed Loop Color calibration for printing images with consistency. Also, if you have Adobe Postscript 3 software or other RIPs, you can print accurate images through the automatic Pantone calibration, offset emulations and CMYKplus. Computer-generated images are better enhanced using the drivers that are included in the product. HP has also combined the Color Layering Technology to this plotter printer to ensure printing of images with different colors and tonal transitions. With six printheads, it is guaranteed to work fast with minimal to waste at all.

Since this plotter printer is basically a multi-format printer, it has several features that allow the users to achieve impressive prints of postcards and blown-up images. The DesignJet is especially devised to handle a variety of print sizes. There is the standard tray that can hold some 100 sheets of both postcard-size and poster-size printer papers. For oversized outputs, it has an extra-wide feeder for accomodating at least 20 x 60 inches of printing sheet. A roll-feed also supports printing of such large media. It can even accommodate weights of almost 80 pounds without any hassles.

As for the printing speed, the DesignJet plotter printer is designed to print up to 4 minutes per page for B size media, and at least 12 mpp for the 2 x 3” images set in normal mode. It also prevents delays in printing through its amazing in-house printing whenever doing outputs that are as large as life. Another good feature is the LCD screen that tells how much inks are left in the printer. Now, that is printing efficiently and economically.

Plotter printers such as this one are great for advertising and publishing firms in Dubai, as well as for engineering and architectural purposes. However, even though these printers are of high quality they will require a repair once in a wile. Fortunately, there are quite a few HP plotter repair services in Dubai that will take care of your HP plotter problems.