To enjoy the various benefits from Play Store or Google Play, as it used to be called before a much needed update (it has been optimized for tablets and smartphones with the version 3.0 Honeycomb), many users had to download it first, although most cell phones contained the application already pre-installed. This is because they are using Chinese, rooted, or second-handed devices, which do not have the Google applications pre-installed. Some of them do not even have the very useful application package. Most of the times this happens due to the fact that smartphones, tablets, and other small electronic devices must have an official digital authorization from Google to contain the aforementioned Play Store.

However, with just a few clicks and within minutes, we will be able to download Play Store. The first thing we need to do is check the version of the operative system we are currently using. To check this, we must go to the menu “Adjustments / Configuration” and then, click on the option “About this phone / tablet”.

If the Android version is equal to Android 2.3 or better, we will download Play Store without any problems. It is therefore advisable to possess these types of operative systems. Next, we should activate the tab “Install applications from unknown origins”. This step is basic because without it we can only download applications that come directly from the company Google. To continue with this quick and easy process, we must download the APK file in our personal computer (PC) and we will transfer it to our cell phone through the Wi-Fi connection or with a USB wire. We can also download it directly to out electronic device. Once we are done, we should open the file explorer and install the application. There are many excellent and free options available online and they should appear in the menu “Downloads”.

While this was a short guide on how to download and install Play Store, a lot of people is searching how to uninstall Play Store. Well that is a whole different story. There a lot of guides online, so just do a search and you will find the solution.