Innovative ideas can change the world. But for inventors who are new to the process, securing a patent for an invention can be a daunting task. Knowing when and how to navigate through the complexities of patenting isn’t always straightforward. For this very reason, InventHelp Patent Service can be of tremendous help. Innovators offer guidance and insights into these unfamiliar territories to ensure inventors’ ideas are protected and their efforts well rewarded.

Understanding InventHelp

InventHelp is a well-known invention services company. They provide inventors with the necessary resources and services to transform their ideas from initial conception to fully patented products. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, their patent referral services connect inventors with independent attorneys to advise on the patent process.

How InventHelp Assists Inventors


Firstly, InventHelp starts with a confidentiality agreement. This step assures inventors that their innovative ideas and intellectual property will be handled with utmost care and integrity. This is a vital first step towards creating a secure environment for inventors to work.

Patentability Assessment

InventHelp professionals help determine the patentability of an invention. They ensure that the invention aligns with the patentability criteria which include novelty, usefulness, and non-obviousness. It is essential to understand whether your invention can be patented before beginning the patent application process.

Comprehensive Patent Search

One of the critical steps before filing for a patent is conducting a patent search. InventHelp assists in this process by conducting an in-depth search to ensure that the invention or similar ones haven’t already been patented or disclosed publicly. This step avoids lawsuits and wasted efforts on already existing patents.

Patent Application Preparation

Once patentability is confirmed, InventHelp assists in preparing a comprehensive and well-documented patent application. The application needs to be exact, outlining the specifications of the invention, including what it does, how it works, and how it can be made and used. Their patent drawings service provides high-quality drawings that clearly illustrate the invention, including how it works and what it looks like. Once all of these steps are completed, they file the application with the USPTO.

Filing The Patent Application

After the preparation of the patent application, InventHelp guides inventors in filing the application with the appropriate Patent Office. InventHelp ensures that all the required documents are in order, thereby avoiding rejection due to incomplete or incorrect paperwork.

Continued Support

InventHelp offers continued support even after the patent application is filed. They keep inventors informed about developments regarding their patent application and help address any issues or questions that arise during the patent examination process.


InventHelp not only helps inventors bring their ideas to life but also guides them through the intricate patent process. Their services provide new inventors with a path that is far more enlightening and less stressful than attempting the journey alone. If you’re an inventor with novel ideas, InventHelp’s patent services might be just the guidance you need to safeguard your intellectual property and turn your invention into a market-ready product.