Many people will need the services of a lawyer at some period in their lives. The need may arise from matters ranging from a traffic ticket to serious matters such as a divorce, personal injury, or criminal matter. With the proliferation of lawyers in modern society, the question becomes how does one find a real estate lawyer that will provide satisfactory representation.

The search would begin by asking friends or family, who have faced a similar situation, for the name of their attorney. By focusing on people who have had similar legal problems, the potential client will narrow the list of attorneys down to those who are hopefully experienced in the relevant area of law. Experience in the relevant area is a mandatory requirement for any attorney that is retained.

These friends or family should be thoroughly questioned regarding their experience with this lawyer and whether they would be willing to hire this lawyer again should the need arise. A list of all prospective lawyers would then be created.

A face to face meeting with the attorney would then follow. At this meeting, the client should explore the real estate attorney’s education and experience. How many similar real estate or subject removal BC cases has the attorney handled? Has the attorney earned any special recognition in this area of law or has the attorney published books or articles in this area of law? Such special achievements would reflect favorably on the attorney. This would also be the time to explore the nature of any disciplinary proceedings filed against the attorney.

The client would also inquire as to the amount of fees that the lawyer charges, if the case is not a contingency case. Are the fees reasonable taking into account the lawyer’s experience? The client may call other lawyers to compare fees. Lawyer referral services or a marketing directory can be a source of lawyers who can be contacted in order to determine reasonable fees in the client’s location for the same type of work.

The final piece of information which must be gathered is whether the client is comfortable with the attorney. There must be good chemistry between the attorney and the client or the relationship will be uncomfortable at the very least and at worst will deteriorate under the stress of representation.

Proper investigation, from locating the attorney to meeting the attorney, is crucial when attempting to find an real estate attorney that will provide proper representation. Such legwork will go a long way in helping the client find an attorney that will provide satisfactory services regardless of the outcome of the case.