Do you believe that a baby will let you know their name when they are born, or do you like to have it all planned out months in advance?

We have all seen and heard the extremes from babies whose parents know and announce the gender and name of their unborn child from 20 weeks in to the pregnancy, to those who wait weeks and weeks after the birth before deciding on a name!

Most people have a list and usually a preference, for their baby’s name already prepared before the birth. It seems to be the way that we do things. Deciding on a baby name is an important, and exciting part of pregnancy. Having the name chosen well before the birth can also allow the soon-to-be parents to begin to bond with their child, using the baby name they have decided on to refer to their baby. Some parents are even bound to tradition when naming their child, so that their chosen baby name may have already been dictated to them from the moment their pregnancy was confirmed.

So while it seems that the majority of parents already have their baby names decided on before their baby’s arrival, it is not uncommon to hear of people saying that they want to wait. Some people believe that the baby will choose his or her own name at birth, that choosing a baby name before the baby is born is not the right way to do things. How many times have you heard someone say, “We were going to call her Rebecca, but when she was born, she just looked like a Sarah”!

Obviously, if you decided not to find out the gender of your baby, then choosing a name absolutely is impossible, you need to have a baby boy name list and a baby girl name list. Is this the most likely scenario where parents may decide to wait till their baby is born to make the final baby name decision? With so many emotions in play when your baby enters the world, is it more or less stressful to add the pressure of choosing a baby name to the mix?

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