Anime can approach different types of themes, reaching a specific target audience. Anime are classified according to the audience and the theme they have, the most common being: shonen, shoujo, seinen and hentai.

  • Shonen: Shonen anime are intended for male teenagers, who mainly enjoy action and adventure. Example: Dragon Ball, Natura, Knight of the Zodiacs, among others.
  • Shoujo: these anime are mainly aimed at female teenagers. Usually, they deal with the so-called “rites of passage” of a woman, the dramas and concerns typical of girls during adolescence, such as first love, first kiss, etc.
  • Seinen: they are anime for the adult public, normally intended for men. They deal with more complex, deep and realistic subjects.
  • Hentai: they are called erotic or pornographic anime.
  • There are several other categories and subcategories of anime.

Anime and Manga

Many anime originate from the success of some manga.

The manga are types of Japanese comic stories, which have as main characteristic the reading mode: done from back to front and from right to left, contrary to what is common in conventional western HQ’s.

Anime series are very popular and a lot of people are searching the internet for sites where they can watch their favorite อนิเมะ series online. Fortunately, there are quite a few websites on the web for watching anime series.