Electricity demands a lot of respect – just ask any Hackney electrician. He will tell you that he has had to deal with too many problems that could have been avoided in the first place. The best thing you can do to make your home safer is to learn some simple information about electricity and when it is time to call in an electrician.

Here are some basic safety tips you should know about electricity and electrical appliances in your home.

1. Water and electricity don’t mix

Most people already know that electricity and water don’t go well together, but many still don’t take the proper precautions when it comes to safety. You must always make sure that you dry your wet hands before handling any electrical appliance in your home. Keep anything that runs electrically away from sinks or other areas that can become wet or damp. If you have a flood in your home, you should never walk through the water if there are wires running along the floor. It is a good idea to stay away from the flood altogether and call in a professional right away to assess the safety situation. An Hackney electrician can let you know what the hazards are and when it is safe to reenter the area and start a cleanup.

2. Teach your children

Children need to be taught at a young age about electrical safety. Always go over electrical safety issues with your children from time to time so that it stays fresh in their mind and no accidents occur. It only takes one small mistake to cause serious injury or even death.

3. Make your house electrically childproof

There are plastic covers you can purchase that cover your electrical outlets that will stop young children from inserting items into the outlets. You should also make sure that there are no wires hanging within the reach of a toddler. Keep any electrical appliances out of the reach of a young child as well, until the child has reached an older age and can use them correctly.

4. Fix wires properly

If you see any wires that have damaged protective coatings it is not good enough to take out the electrical tape and fix them up. You need to get the wiring completely redone. Until it is fixed put the appliance away, no matter how badly you need to use it. You won’t need to call in a Hackney electrician in most cases. There are appliance service centers around town that can fix them up for you.

5. Use power cords wisely

If you have too many items plugged into a power cord it can overheat. In most cases your breaker will just blow, but in some cases a fire can start. If you find that you have too many cords for a power bar, talk to a Hackney electrician and see what he recommends.

Use these simple but effective electrical safety tips around your home. If you have any suspicions that something may not be right with the wiring in your home, it is better to be safe than sorry and call in a professional electrician Hackney for an assessment. The money you spend now may save you thousands in the future.