Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Lucky you! You get invited to a baby shower. But you don’t know what to offer. The first thing that pops into your mind is “What would be the perfect baby shower gift ideas ?” You should base your gift decision on the usefulness and practicality of the gift. You and the future parents want the gift to be useful as soon as the baby is born.

Below are some baby shower gift ideas that you simply cannot go wrong with. Traditionally, baby showers were given only for the family’s first child so don’t miss it !

Clothes for the Baby

When a new baby enters the world, there are several clothing items that a parent requires. Some practical baby shower gift ideas that you can choose from include sleepers, undershirts, bathrobes, socks and diapers, etc. You should only choose items of clothing that are simple to put on the baby and take off the baby to make it easy for the parents. Make sure that there are not a lot of snaps or buttons that have to be adhered as these are often annoying for new parents.

Feeding Items for the Baby

Baby feeding products are very practical and useful baby shower gift ideas. There is a wide variety of feeding products to choose from including bottles, feeding spoons, baby formula, bibs, bottle brush sets, bottle holders, bottle sterilizers, tipper cups, breast pumps, plastic baby dishes and burp towels. You can mix and match these baby feeding essentials to create a nice package that will be welcomed by all expecting parents. You could also include an emergency stash of baby formula or baby food.

Baby Bath Items

There are many great baby bath products that will serve as useful baby shower gifts. Some of these products include baby lotions, towels with hoods, soaps, baby brushes, shampoos, wash clothes, bath toys, anti-skid bathtubs, supports, etc. When you are choosing bath toys, make sure that they are age appropriate for new born babies.

Baby Room Items

When you are searching for great baby shower gift ideas, do not forget that the baby’s room will need many items. You can pick out pictures for the walls, nursery lamps, stuffed animals, changing table, dresser, picture frames, bouncy seats, other furniture, etc. There are many clever baby items that you can have the baby’s initials added to that will make your gift unique. It is good to find out if the new parents have a theme for the baby room prior to choosing a baby room gift.

Cat Behavior – Understanding Cats

To understand cats, we must know that every cat behavior has a meaning. Let us listen to a cat’s purr. A cat who is relaxed tends to purr in low, soft and slow manner. This also shows contentment and he may just be lying on his belly with droopy eyes. But if the purr is increasing in pitch and becomes a series of loud purr, this signals a different mood. The cat maybe reacting aggressively, he may have been hurt or injured or it may send signal of danger towards him or surroundings. If you look at their paws, the claws a slightly appearing more rather when they are relaxed.

Cat behaviors are generally affected by their surroundings. They are observant and keen on changes. Even if they are just sitting around doing nothing they readily react to situations. Try throwing a couple of pans beside a sleeping cat, in an instant the cat will transfer to a safer location away from the noise but still looking over and examining the situation.

Cat Behavior

Domestic cats are generally tamed and calm but certain situations can bring out the aggressive cat behavior. Let’s look at the reasons behind the change in cat behavior from the gentle looking creature to a vicious and defensive reaction.

Cat Behavior – Aggressiveness and Intensity

Immediate reaction to hurt is aggression. True enough for other animals as well. If they feel pain from their tail they will turn around with the wide mouth wide open and coupled with a growl and claws are remarkably noticeable ready to scratch. The other aggressive behavior gradually increases in intensity is when the cat is threatened or in danger. You can learn more about aggressive cat behavior on PETSium.

You will notice an increasing volume on its meows, fur starts to raised up from the nape to the other parts of the body, the legs are stretched and the body is curled up as if to increase height. Once you see this behavior you should look around for the object that is threatening the cat for it might still be within the vicinity. It could be a snake hidden somewhere. So don’t go too close to the cat until you find the source.

The best way to learn more about your pet is to spend more time with them so that you will know their reactions to different situations. I am sure you will enjoy playing with your cat. Furthermore, you will get good suggestions from forums and blogs and can even contribute and share your own experiences. Since cat behavior conveys messages, understanding their actions and the sounds they create will prove beneficial to both the cat and the pet owner in the long run.

The story of male dog names

Sometimes your pet becomes more dear then your children who may not be living with you. People generally spend most of their time with their dog. No matters where they go their dogs accompany them on all the trips. There are various conveniences that are available for your dog, be it accessories, training or physicians to look after their health and daily routines.

When it comes to naming of your dog it is not an easy task especially when your dog is going to stay with you for the rest of life. The name of your dog not only reflects his trait but also indicates your style and personality. One has to struggle a bit to select one of a kind name for your dear pet.

It is recommended that one should wait for 15 days after the dog is brought home or born. In this period one can observe his characteristics and get inspired to choose a name that fits his behavior. For example if your doggie lift things and hide them behind the courtyard wall why not name him a “Thug”. We should be careful and avoid giving terrifying names like 1.Killer, 2.Wolfy, 3.Tiger, 4.Mafia etc. Some already feel repulsive from these animals and if we keep such names it will add up into their agony.

There is one more point one should keep in mind whether you will feel comfortable calling that name publicly or not. It is seen that people run after their dogs calling their names on top of their voice on roads, malls and stores. Dumbo, DickHead, Poo Poo sounds funny and nice but it can leave you embarrassed in a crowd of people.

The dog trainers are of the opinion that the name should be such that your dog is able to differentiate between his name and other commands. We should not forget that we have various sizes, shapes and colors of dogs around us and we must keep in mind these things while naming our dear dogs. For instance a solid white dog cannot be called “blacky” or large bodied dog cannot get “little boy” as a name. A strong male dog should not be called Twinkle or Sugary.

Naming of dogs is done as per the prevalent norms of the place, country and the culture. Let’s discuss some of the popular names of the dogs that are commonly used all across the world. As for African and Arabic names “Abdul” is very popular which means god’s servant. It indicates that he is a great example of creations of the god. “Ahmed” is another popular Arabic name that is seen. The meaning of Ahmed is the most praised. It is because your dog is a litter picker he is praised by one and all.

People also name their male dogs after the name of the countries. In Africa Chad, Congo, Botswana is very popular names for male dogs. “Kedar” is a very appropriate name for the strong and mighty breed of a male dog as it means powerful person. If your male dog never lets you down before friends and other people call him “Kalil” that indicates a trusted friend.